Obec Doudleby
Obecní úřad Doudleby

Doudleby - Basic information


Municipality Doudleby is situated aprox. 10 km southward from České Budejovice on the river Malše. The first remark about it is in the Cosmas´ chronicle from 981.

General information

The name of municipality: Doudleby
Part of municipality: Straňany; Doudleby
Mayor of municipality: Rytíř František
Telephone number: 387988957
Fax: 387988868
Electronic mail: doudleby@volny.cz
Post code: 370 07 České Budějovice
Municipal corporation: Municipal corporation has 7 members
mayor of municipality – Rytíř František
representative of mayor -  Douda Václav
Office hours on the Municipality Wednesdays 5-8 p.m.
Municipality area : 585 ha 73 a
Altitude 410 m


men: 199
woman: 183

Residential fond

Total number of houses : 166

Civil facility

  • Primary school 1st- 5rd class
  • Kindergarten
  • Community centre with restaurant
  • Firehouse
  • Library - 1981 volumes
  • Multipurpose building - store, municipality, paediatric consulting room
  • St.Vincent´s church , Cemetery

Sporting area

  • tennis
  • nohejbal
  • volleyball
  • table tennis
  • fitness
  • ski tow in winter
  • skating


  • Dancing ensemble “Doudleban"
  • Traditional Doudlebian Shrovetide, harvest home, balls
  • Concerts in the St.Vincent´s church


  • Swimming and fishery in the river Malse
  • Mushroom picking and walks in and walks in surrounding forests
  • Cyclotourism (cycloroute through the basin of river Malše)
  • Horse riding

Cultural sights (registered in the state list of Cultural sights)

  • St. Vincent’s church
  • St. Barbara’s chapel
  • Pieta
  • Slavonic fort
  • Tumulus burial ground Requiem wood (Zádušní les)
  • Agricultural homestead and Presbytery

Minor planet (6060) Doudleby

(6060) Doudleby = 1980 DX Discovered 1980 February 19 by A. Mrkos at Kleť.
Named for a village in southern Bohemia, south of České Budějovice. It was first mentioned as a site of a Slavonic fortified settlement above the Malše river in 981. The Gothic church of St. Vincent was built on this site. The region of Doudleby is known its lively traditional folk customs including carnivals.
Name suggested by J. Tichá and M. Tichý.
(MPC 34341 | 1999 April 2)